Chocolate Film Pre-Production – Sound Designer’s Journal


For this project, my team is making a comedic scene. The idea is to keep the audience in suspense regarding the mystery item Kirsten is holding until the very end, when the comedic relief comes in. We all discussed the building of the group storyboard, after comparing our own personal ones.


  • 35 Realistic Sound (Diegetic) (Character)
  • 36 Realistic Sound (Diegetic) (Emotional Response)
  • 37 Expressive Sound (Diegetic) (Outer World)
  • 40 Symbolic use of music

Test Recordings

Chocolate Test Recordings

Equipment Checklist

  • Audio Recording device
  • Boom
  • Connecting cord
  • Premier Pro editing software

Recording Workflow

Day 1 (Monday): Meet with team, discuss storyboard.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Finish final storyboard, start on pre-production blog post.

Day 3 (Wednesday) : Research locations, continue working on pre-production blog post.

Day 4 (Thursday): Go to theater (chosen location) and map out lighting/camera position. Test sound + record background noise to use in scene.

Day 5 (Friday): Upload image of test recordings to flickr + embed in blog. Discuss with director.

Day 6 (Monday): Add discussion with director. Edit influences.

Location Maps

  • Theater – YES 
  • Green room
  • Career center – has couch
  • Johnson’s room

Foley Sounds

  • Sound effect: crumpling of bag – Time in Film: TBD
  • Sound effect: munching – Time in Film: TBD

Discussions with Director

We primarily discussed how we would record dialogue based on where the camera would be positioned during wide shots. We decided that for post production we would do voice over if necessary, along with sound effects (munching + crumpling bag)

Influences from Film

My sound design influence is Ai-Ling Lee. He is extremely good at his craft. For example, he was nominated for his work in La La Land at the 89th Academy Awards. He also designed sound for Deadpool, The Maze Runner, and Bruce Almighty. 

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I discovered the names of sound designers who have worked on films I’ve enjoyed watching. I also learned how to efficiently plot out my role for production, and prepare for the actual filming.

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