Editing an interview

  • 19:53 What is important to focus on while on set/ prepping beforehand
  • 22:30 How do you take on an evil/repulsive character?
  • 24:10 If you don’t achieve star status – will all of this be a waste of time?


    In this project, I edited an interview in such a way where I took different parts of the original footage to make a much shorter interview that reflected what I though was important material. Along with this, I also used different videos as cutaways in the interview to some of his work that I think reflected the message he was portraying.

    Terms and Concepts

  • Three point editing
  • Ripple effects
  • Cutaways
  • Adjusting the size of the videos to match the interview size

    Collating Files and Storyboard

    Editing an Interview Notes

  • Project Skills Evidence

  • What I Learned

I learned the importance of making decisions. When you are editing, there truly is never enough time. However, I also learned that it is possible to create a decent   quality product in a time crunch if you really set your mind to it.





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